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Nā Kōkua Kaiāulu

We encourage our students and our own children to learn from us. It is too easy today to watch YouTube or ask Facebook how to do something. Instead, we create

opportunity for our youth to learn whatever they can from us, the living, breathing, loving people around them who can impart ethics, best practices, values, and history behind why we do what we do. As parents and as the Molokai community, this is not something we are willing to give up! We try our best

to stay engaged with our youth, and learn to do for themselves. We turn where ever we are into a classroom.












We believe in our youth, and their amazing ability to see the world without prejudice and with so much aloha and wonderment. We never want that to go away, so we help students fundraise and have awesome opportunities to get

out and see the world, and study art abroad.













Over the last few years we have assisted in funding student travel to Rarotonga and Mangaia in the Cook Islands and to North Island, Aotearoa New Zealand, to

share music, language, stories, and the universal language of art. The students were able to share their small

island life of Molokai with the world and to bring experiences from these corners of the world back home.


Mahalo to partners like Nā Pua Noʻeau, Queen Liliʻuokalani Childrenʻs Center, Piʻolualani, and Kalaupapa National Historical Park for making opportunities possible for our keiki!



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